About – Gia Dxn


Name: Gia Garcia-Dixon

Sex: F

Location: Los Angeles

Hello, my name is Gia Garcia-Dixon! I was born Jessica Gabrielle but you can call me Gia Dixon for short. 😀

I was born in Los Angeles and always come back because there's something about this place. If you know me personally, I've said that about a lot of places 😅 Before age 23, I visited 40 countries.

It was to the point that I had to get 3 passports in one year. Also, I've lived on four continents: North America, South America, Asia, and Europe. I don't think Africa counts because I only was there for 6 months. 

North Americans ask, "Why?", while Northern Europeans nod and say, "Sounds about right." 😛

Languages are something that come with discovering all these cultures and experiences. I am fluent in English, was proficient in Portuguese (but am losing it--if I had more practice it will definitely come back), proficient in Tagalog, can fake my way in all the regions of France without people laughing at me, I can read basic Danish and Norwegian with the accents almost there (my Norske teacher is probably most annoyed by me), and can sing full length albums in Japanese, Arabic, and Swedish. 

Interests 🧐 include:

  • horseback riding 🏇🏻
  • playing guitar 🎸 (I was in various death metal & rock bands since 14--some toured. My dad owned a record label and uncle was a rockstar. I classically studied flute, piano, & percussion, since 3. If I had got hold of more instruments, I definitely would have learned more.) 
  • gardening vegetables 🍄
  • smelling pretty flowers I see on the street 🌻
  • trying exotic food 🐙
  • fashion << I designed + styled clothes since I was 7 (don't tell my stepmom I cut up some of her clothes. Oh shoot, and dad's) 👗
  • continuing arguments (I love when someone challenges a point with a good opinion--without personal attacks & keeping it intellectual of course. Change my perspective and convince me!) 🤓
  • painting really huge canvases (thanks to my artist Dad for my skillz) 🖼
  • supporting females on entrepreneurial Facebook groups 🤳🏼
  • taking every kind of business risk imaginable 🙉
  • listening to audiobooks (I listen to up to 4 a day some weeks) 📚
  • reading libertarian articles with my husband 🕺🏻
  • interior design (check out my apartment you'll know what I mean) 🪑
  • hoarding red lipsticks, tinted lip balms, & mascara 💋
  • minimal yet effective skincare🧴
  • anything economics 📈
  • workaholicking 👩🏻‍💻
  • anything Kardashian because Southern California 4 LYF 🌴
  • trying new things a few times to see if I like it and it sticks 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • learning by doing 😎
  • getting out of my comfort zone 🦺
  • collecting perfume 💨

Clichés that bore me:

  • incurious thinking 👎🏻
  • narrow-mindedness 🙅🏻‍♀️
  • uncouth disposition & presentation 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • predictability ✂️
  • sheep herd mentality 💀
  • fascism ⬅️ extremely disappointing 😂
  • when people assume things about anything without developed thought on it 🙈
  • negative criticism on a subject matter someone is not entirely familiar with 😓
  • when people think they're better than others 🤮
  • people who insist on making things awkward 🥱 

 This is a lot. But if you have any questions email me at care@giadxn.com